FONTECK INDUSTRIES BV offer products mainly including Eclectic Heating, Ventilation Fan, Refrigeration Compressor, Coil & Sensor, Three-phase Asynchronous Motor, Installation Equipment. Provide customized explosion-proof components and systems applied to harsh and hazardous areas for engineering and system integrating companies. Combine the highest quality of technology with cost efficiency to supply competitive explosion-proof solutions to end users.


FONTECK INDUSTRIES BV deliver products and services to the global market of Oil & Gas, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical, Marine, Food industry, treatment plants, water conditioning plants, distilleries and many others industries. Mainly customers/project types include Vessel, Platform, Oil Wharf, FPSO, etc. No matter where our products are used, Fonteck’s customers can depend on precise execution, the most advanced manufacturing technology and the agility and responsiveness of our global operations.

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IECEx & ATEX Certificate Explosion proof HVAC equipments

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